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Common iPhone Update Problems and its Solutions

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Most iPhone consumers want their iPhone software up to date, are you one of them? It gives us an itch when to go to Settings when a new software update notification pops out. We can’t help compare and experience the updates. However, there are moments when we encounter some issues and problems after downloading the iPhone update. You might be experiencing it right now, then this article is here to help you out.

What are the most common issues a user experiences after a software update?

There are a few issues reported by users after their software update. How about you? How severe are the bugs and glitches you are experiencing? Let us discuss the commonly experienced problems after a software update.

  • The device keeps on crashing
  • It runs slower than its normal performance
  • The battery life of the device drains faster
  • Its face ID or touch ID does not respond immediately
  • Cannot connect to Wi-Fi

These are just some issues that you might face after you have updated your phone’s software. There are still some issues that you might encounter differently than the others. Thus, do not limit the bugs and glitches of software to the ones listed above. It is quite frustrating to experience these things. iPhones are supposed to be designed with quick response, fast and smooth performance, and longer battery life span.

When you experience these problems, do not panic. We have some solutions to resolve those bugs and glitches. Here are some of the methods you can do to fix the update problems.

What to do to fix these update problems?

  • Hard resert your iPhone

It is unlikely to think that software updates were supposed to fix bugs and errors of the system. There are moments when you only have to hard reset your iPhone to try fixing the encountered problems. Forcing to restart your phone allows it to reboot naturally and eliminate the errors found in the system.

This method is quiet helpful especially when your phone keeps on crashing or its screen is freezing.

  • Wait for the next software update – it might take long though

It might take long to wait for the next update. However, Apple will do the best that they can do to attend the needs of their consumers. You just have to hope that the next software update will fix all your complaints.

  • Factory reset your iPhone

This would be the last method you will do. When there’s no software update to fix the problems, you have to reset your phone to factory settings or its default settings.

When you reset your iPhone, it will feel like it is brand new and fresh from the box. Before resetting your phone to its default setting, make sure to backup your device first to avoid losing your important files.

It is rare to have problems with your iPhone software updates. However, upon updating always check your phone if it is still responding quickly and performing well.

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